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Advisory Council

Wonder Works Children’s Museum’s Advisory Council is comprised of 36 amazing individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds from early childhood educators to bankers, museum executive directors and developmental therapists and everything in between! An Advisory Council is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills which enhances the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors. Their collective wisdom allows a Board of Directors and management to more effectively guide an organization.

We formed our Council to give advice and recommendations to our Board of Directors and to the management of the Museum. Our Council act as our ambassadors, our supporters, our experts and our advisors. We are forever grateful for their time, ideas and energy.

Wonder Works held its 2nd Advisory Council meeting on October 26th, 2016. Our speaker was Jennifer Farrington, the President and CEO of the Chicago Children’s Museum. Jennifer gave an amazing talk on the importance of children’s museums; not just as a critical resource for families of young children, but also as being part of a national movement that shows respect for childhood. As the board chair of the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM), Jennifer spoke about the ACM’s resolution on the role of Children’s Museums have to address the achievement gap, which is a key component in our work at Wonder Works.

Please see below for a list of our Advisory Council Members 2016:

The Advisory Council

Matt Baron
Owner, Inside Edge PR

Meg Braccco Liebreich
Physical Therapist

Christina Crumlish
American Dental Association

Gary Cuneen
Seven Generations Ahead

Angela Fowler
Ericson Institute

Angela Fowler (speaker)
Project Director, Erikson Institute

Linda Francis
Director, Success for All Youth

Jo Ann Gantar
Owner, Oak Leaf Academy Child Care

Nevin Hedlund
Owner, Nevin Hedlund Architects

Laura Jordhal
Board Member, Collaboration for Early Childhood

Doris Knuth
Director, Concordia's Early Childhood Center

Mike Kozak
Senior VP - Market Manager, Middle Market Group

Jim Lencioni
Aria Group Architects

Kyle Lombardo
Board member, New Moms

Paula Maggio
Board member, Wonder Works

Eric Masoncup
Owner, Geppetto's Toy Box

Laura Maychruk
Buzz Cafe

Maureen McCarthy
Superintendant of Recreation, Oak Park Park District

Sarah Orleans
President and CEO, DuPage Children's Museum

The Advisory Council

Cheryl Munoz
Sugar Beet Coop

Sarah Orleans
DuPage Children's Museum

Colin Reynolds
Kindergarten Teacher, Bennet Day School

Rev. Wiley Samuals

Kim Smith
Architect, Oak-Leyden Board Member

Mani Swarnam
VP, Commercial Banking

Dr. Jerry Udelson
Pediatric Dentist

Sarah Valaika
Early Childhood Professor

Pam Van Natter
Owner, Prarie Home Kids Daycare

Michelle Vanderlaan
Owner, Sugercup Trading

Kristin Vogen
Community Foundation of Oak Park River Forest

Erin Walsh

Lauren Wellen
Professor of Literacy and Early Childhood Education

Joan White
Director, First United Nursery School

Penny Williams-Wolford
Collaboration for Early Childhood

Camille Wilson White
Executive Director, Oak Park Area Arts Council

Jenny Yang