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You Can Change Lives Through Creative Play

In a survey of our community partner families - those are at-risk families who receive free memberships to visit the museum - 85% of respondents said their child,

“Played with another child from a different culture or background at least once every time they visited the museum.”

What an amazing experience for a child!

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Your support of the museum allows us to continue our mission to spark curiosity and creativity in ALL young children through positive, play-based learning experiences and this mission underpins every aspect of the museum. My ask this year is to help us ensure the museum can continue to open its doors to every child, giving them the opportunity to visit on a regular basis and benefit from the positive learning experiences the museum offers.

Will you make a gift this year?

Your support can give a child a more equitable start in life.

Give today to help all of our children tomorrow.

Change lives through creative play: Wonder Works has made a commitment to address the growing opportunity gap through our community partner program. The opportunity gap negatively affects the social, emotional, cognitive and economic welfare of children, families, communities, and the country as a whole. The Community Partner Program gives regular, free access to Wonder Works for low-income families and schools serving at-risk children. By supporting Wonder Works you help support this program and many more, all of which can change lives.

Please make a donation of $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can, to help us continue to offer opportunities for ALL children.

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