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Kid's Garden

Helping Children Discover Their World Since 2007

Originally started in partnership with Seven Generations Ahead, the Wonder Works’ Kids Garden has grown in size and scope every year since. The garden encompasses everything Wonder Works is about: children, families, learning and the environment. The garden is also funded completely through donations and volunteers, each year donors like you help raise an increasing amount of money to support this growing attraction through our Spring Fundraiser.

The Kids Garden helps teach children where food comes from; as they learn and explore on the garden tours scheduled throughout the week. The garden also helps teach children how much effort and time goes into growing our food; many children help start the seedlings way back in March or April, but it is not until July when they get to eat their first juicy tomato.

The garden is also a great beginning to a healthy relationship with food. Most children will readily eat vegetables they helped grow or harvest. Children find new favorite vegetables as they explore the garden, requesting them repeatedly at the dinner table after their positive experience.

The garden has helped feed hundreds of families and thousands of children since its inception. In 2018 we will be donating to the Fraternite Notre Dame Church.

To find out more about the Wonder Works' Kids Garden or how you can help, please contact David Hoambrecker or call us at 708.383.4815.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee?
No, the garden is open to the public and free to explore. If you would like to visit the museum itself, there is a small admission fee.

Can we pick stuff to take home?
Yes and No, we ask that you don't harvest at will, but you can explore, touch, and smell the garden, then stop by the strawberry patch for a tasty treat. Harvesting of the garden takes place at regularly scheduled times that coincide with donation windows to the Fraternite Notre Dame Church. If you help harvest for the food pantry, we allow you to sample one or two things from the garden at that time.

How should I dress?
It's a real garden, complete with dirt, mud, bugs, worms and even the occosional bunny, please dress appropriatly.

Is my child old enough?
Yes, your child is old enough. 6 month olds can look at flowers and touch the plants, toddlers can smell the herbs and older children can really get their hands dirty.

How big is the garden?
The garden approximatly 550 sqaure feet, with about 350 square feet of growing space.

What do you grow?
The garden is mix of edible and wild flowers and veggies. Staples include tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots, radishes, beets, an assortment of herbs, strawberries and beans. Edible flowers are grown throughout the garden, and less common veggies are added every year, which may include, arugula, kohlrabi, okra and more.

What do I get to take home with me?
You always get a strawberry and flower (when available), and if you help during the food pantry harvest, you get to take home a couple of samples from the main garden.