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At birth a child’s brain is developing faster than at any other point in their lives. The experiences a child has in the first few years of life will affect not just their early life, but their very ability to learn new things as they go through school and become adults. The early years build the very foundation that all other learning and development build upon.

A variety of experiences are required to allow full capacity to develop in every child. These include sensory, language, socialization, expression, emotions, problem solving and many more. The more diverse experiences available to children in their first years of life, the more able they are to learn and grow in the future.

With this in mind, Wonder Works has designed programs and experiences in order to allow each child to explore, play and learn while having fun. Together, child and parent will experience the opportunity to exercise mental capacities in a safe, challenging and supportive play environment. Whether it's at a party, field trip or weekend visit, Wonder Works presents an opportunity for every child's imagination to guide and help them grow.