• Event Recap

    Box Works – An immersive museum take-over event
  • Our first play-and-learn, museum take-over event since reopening was a major success! We want to thank each and every person who came out to celebrate the miracle of the cardboard box. Wonder Works was completely transformed each and every day. 

    With specialized tools from Makedo® and BoxLox®, children were busy sawing, connecting, taping, building, and transforming everyday cardboard boxes into their very own creations. Imaginations ran wild as children had free rein to tinker, make, and engineer all while developing critical early childhood STEM skills.

    The creative minds of our visitors constructed a castle (complete with drawbridge), a car wash, a sushi shop, a pirate ship, forts of all kinds, and many long tunnel mazes.  Other children invented machines, built cars, created costumes and suits of armor. 

    It was fun to watch their minds at work! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed this amazingly creative event.  

    Special thanks to AL-Mart Furniture, Alioto’s Gift Shop, UPS, Abt, and the River Forest Jewel Osco for your box donations.