• Wonder Wheels 2023: 10/7 & 10/8

  • Vroom! Vroom!  Wonder Wheels zoomed in to Wonder Works! 

    This October 7 & 8, Wonder Works Children’s Museum hosted Wonder Wheels, an outdoor festival to celebrate all things on wheels! For just two days, children and their families explored everything that goes VROOM: 
    – Climb aboard: Sit behind the wheel of real trucks & vehicles ,
    – Put the Pedal to the Metal: Do laps around the tiny tots vehicle race track
    – Dig, Scoop, & Dump: Play in our giant sand pit mini construction site
    – Design and Build:  Create a Lego car and launch it down our Pinewood Derby track,
    – Enjoy the Food Truck Rally: Eat your way through different cuisines found in the food truck court. 
    – Car and Truck Crafts, and More!

    Wonder Wheels event tickets included admission to Wonder Works Children’s Museum. Tickets were $13 for members and $26 for non-members. Discounted tickets were available to anyone who qualifies for Museums for All. Everyone over the age of 1 needed a ticket to attend.

    Saturday 10/7:
    Compact Excavator
    Skid Steer
    Steam Roller
    Wiener Mobile
    Cement Mixer
    Street Sweeper

    and possible visit from the Oak Park Fire Department from 11-12!

    Sunday 10/8
    CTA Bus
    Chicago Police Car
    Trinity High School Bus
    National Guard Humvee
    Cement Mixer

    and possible visit from the Oak Park Fire Department from 11-12!