• Bugapalooza 2024

  • 🐞 Calling all young explorers and bug enthusiasts! Get ready for a buzzing adventure at Bugapalooza, where we’ll delve into the fascinating world of insects and their incredible habitats. Join us for 5 days filled with excitement, learning, and lots of buggy fun! 🐜

    Bugapalooza activities are included in your Wonder Works admission. No extra tickets required.

    🌟 Bug Discovery Zone: Dive deeper into the world of bugs at our interactive Bug Discovery Zone. We will feature guests throughout the 5 days of Bugapalooza who will bring some very special insects for the children to learn about. Get up close and personal with live insects, explore bug specimens under a microscope, and engage in hands-on activities that will ignite your curiosity about these remarkable creatures.

    πŸ” Bug Hunt scavenger hunt: Grab your magnifying glasses and bug nets as we embark on a thrilling scavenger bug hunt through our museum.

    🎨 Bug-tastic Crafts: Let your creativity soar with our bug-themed arts and crafts activities! Don’t forget to take your masterpiece home as a souvenir!

    🎡 Bug Boogie Dance Party: Shake your antennae and wiggle your wings at our Bug Boogie Dance Party! Groove to catchy tunes and learn funky bug-inspired dance moves that will have you buzzing with excitement. It’s a dance extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

    πŸ“š Storytime with Bug Tales: Gather ’round for a captivating storytelling session featuring tales of tiny heroes and villainous insects. Let your imagination take flight as we journey through whimsical stories filled with adventure, friendship, and of course, lots of bugs!

    Don’t miss out on the ultimate bug-tastic adventure at Bugapalooza! Join us for 5 days of exploration, discovery, and endless fun with our six-legged friends. Get ready to bug out! πŸ›πŸŒŸ


    Thursday, April 18

    Insect Guest: 1 pet spider during morning story time. No insect handling – only viewing

    11 am – Spider Story Time

    1 pm – Bilingual Monarch Butterfly story time

    Friday, April 19

    Insect Guests: Tarantula, roaches, millipede.

    11 am – Insect Encounters with Oak Park Natural Pet and Fish

    1 pm – Cicada Story Time

    Saturday, April 20

    Insect Guests: Rollie pollies and worms

    11 am – Rollie pollie Story Time with puppets followed by Rollie Pollie Encounter

    1 pm – Worm composting encounter with worm handling

    Sunday, April 21

    Insect Guests: lots of insectsΒ 

    11 am – Insect Encounters with Cross Town Exotics

    1 pm – Cicada Story Time

    Monday, April 22

    Insect Guests: Rollie Pollies

    11 am – Bilingual Monarch Butterfly Story Time

    1 pm – Rollie Pollie Story with Puppet Show followed by Rollie Pollie encounters and explorations