• Build It!

  • In Build It!, children become construction workers, architects, and engineers. The wide assortment of possibilities in Build It!, including a huge train table, activity mats with cars and construction vehicles, magnetic blocks, tools, wooden blocks, and so much more, give new experiences for every visit.

    Build it! helps set the foundation for physics and math in young children. The concepts of shapes, size, length, and spatial awareness are all present in Build It!, all while strengthening fine motor skills by manipulating the various sizes of construction materials, skills that are necessary for pre-writing.

    Whether it is using small or large-scale building materials, Build It! encourages collaborative and cooperative play. Children and their peers or caregivers learn to negotiate, share ideas and work together, all of which help teach children how to express their ideas and feelings, leading to success later in life.

    Using their imagination and their own hands, children often create whole worlds to immerse themselves in, be it at the train station, build-your-own zoo, or any of the amazing building tools available. Build It! where children and adults use their imagination to create new realities, if even just for the afternoon.