• The Children's Garden

  • Originally started in partnership with Seven Generations Ahead, the Wonder Works’ Kids Garden has grown in size and scope every year since. The garden encompasses everything Wonder Works is about: children, families, learning, and the environment. The garden is also funded completely through donations and volunteers;. Each year, donors like you help raise an increasing amount of money to support this growing attraction through our Spring Fundraiser.

    The Kids Garden helps teach children where food comes from; they learn and explore on the garden tours scheduled throughout the week. The garden also helps teach children how much effort and time goes into growing our food; many children help start the seedlings way back in March or April, but it is not until July when they get to eat their first juicy tomato.

    The garden is also a great beginning to a healthy relationship with food. Most children will readily eat vegetables they helped grow or harvest. Children find new favorite vegetables as they explore the garden, requesting them repeatedly at the dinner table after their positive experience.