• The Wall of Wonder

  • Dream. Build. Play.

    The Wall of Wonder empowers children to build up the walls of Wonder Works with big colorful foam blocks in fun varied shapes right when you walk into the museum. Building and play can occur both on the walls and on the floor. The Wall of Wonder panels provide an entirely new building dimension that fosters creativity and exploration.

    The foam texture make the big blocks in the Wall of Wonder moveable for the littlest children. The Wall of Wonder play materials include blocks in a variety of sizes and shapes, pegs, ramps, balls, as well as animals and smiley faces.

    As children build on the Wall of Wonder, they practice collaborative and communal play, making plans together, assisting each other, and creating the rules of their play. As children and their peers learn to negotiate, share ideas and work together, they express their ideas and feelings, critical lifelong skills.

    The Wall of Wonder helps set the foundation for physics and math in young children. The ramp and roll components of the Wall of Wonder encourage children to make predictions and develop their cause and effect reasoning. The concepts of shapes, size, length, and spatial awareness are all present in the Wall of Wonder, all while strengthening gross and fine motor skills by manipulating the various sizes of construction materials.

    Entire worlds are created every day on the Wall of Wonder.

    The Wall of Wonder was made possible by:
    Black Wall Design Co.
    Illinois Department of Human Services
    Senator Don Harmon