Museum Expectations

  • What We Expect of You


    Let’s make the world a better place, beginning with our time together at Wonder Works Children’s Museum. Please use positive, encouraging behavior and avoid profane and explicit language, harassment, and aggressive behavior.  



    Sharing really is caring, even though it’s so hard sometimes! Please encourage your children to share and take turns. Also, please treat the exhibits gently, so that many other children have a chance to experience them! Food and drinks should only be consumed in the snack room, and should be peanut-free for the safety of all.


    Assume good intentions

    Even in a children’s museum, conflicts can arise. Please assume good intentions and practice patience and empathy. Through calm conflict resolution, we model appropriate behavior and teach children an important lesson. 


    Stay together and play together

    Please remain with your child as they explore the museum. You are your child’s first teacher and playmate. 


    Walking feet

    For the safety of all, please use your walking feet once you enter the museum. To keep the museum clean, we request that you leave your shoes in the front lobby cubbies and wear socks inside the museum.


    Be Present

    Make memories, don’t miss them. You are your child’s teacher and playmate. We encourage a screen free experience unless capturing precious memories.

  • What You Can Expect of Us

    All Are Welcome

    Wonder Works Children’s Museum is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. We value and respect ALL guests, volunteers, and staff and expect the same from our guests. Use of inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the museum with no refund.


    Access for All

    Wonder Works Children’s Museum believes an accessible and inclusive museum must address each visitor’s experience—making the museum’s facilities, exhibits, and special events accessible to all. Please let us know how we can better meet your needs.  


    Passionate Professionalism

    Our team will professionally support your child in sharing and playing. We are passionate about the importance of play and ensuring a safe, meaningful and enjoyable experience for everyone at Wonder Works Children’s Museum.



    We carefully build our exhibits for ages 0-8 for children to learn through creative play.