• Pre-Walker Wonderland

  • The Pre-Walker Wonderland is a bright safe space for our youngest visitors to explore and play. The exhibit is surrounded by a colorful padded wall and has a cushioned floor designed to encourage children to grow in confidence as they learn to crawl and even take their first steps.

    Situated at the edge of our Build It! exhibit, the Pre-Walker Wonderland is filled with soft building blocks that are easy for young children to manipulate. A velcro panel with colorful felt animals and shapes encourage children to stand and play. Other soft play materials are rotated through the exhibit regularly such as wild animals and dinosaurs.

    Children love to play by the large window, manipulating play materials designed for their age group. The Pre-Walker Wonderland is a safe and cozy nook bathed in warm light where children can develop their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social skills.